Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vermicomposting Has Reached a New Level for the Harris Green Team

Thanks to the craftsmanship of Dr. Maika and the teamwork of the Harris Green Team, 400 red wiggler worms were placed in their new habitat, The Worm Hotel. We are still developing a name for the structure, but we are very excited. 

The worms work their way up the tower, eating organic material and releasing their waste. The waste falls to the bottom, and we harvest that, using it to fertilize our vegetables. It is the richest fertilizer you can find, and has many worm eggs within those nutritious castings. This will allow for the continuing the life cycle within the soil of our crops. 

For directions on how to build your own, click here :

The Green Team and directors will be offering a class this Spring on this very topic, and you can sign up through NEISD Community Ed. 

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