Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Most Impacting Memory

There are so many memories that have been created in Green Team. Ranging from being on the news to planting our own Petunias for anyone who happens to pass by to see, there are a variety of memories and bonds created in this class. But for me, the most impacting memory would have to be helping and teaching the sixth graders how to plant yellow Snapdragons.

One day while we were out at the garden, we invited a class of sixth graders to help plant. At first, many people didn’t know what they were doing and it was a mess. We got them under control and taught them how to dig a hole deep enough for their plant. Then, we showed them the correct way to take the snapdragons out of their pot. Eventually, we got them to put them into their hole and cover their sides.

To me, this was the most impacting so far because it made me feel like I was able to teach others. It shows you can spread your knowledge and influence others to do what can make this world prettier and better. Now, every time I walk out there, I remember the day I helped others. 

Angela Canonizado, 8th Grade 

Green Team Vice President 

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