Saturday, March 21, 2015

About the Founders

Lacey Trevino, Director and Founder of Harris Middle School Community Garden
Art Teacher
Fine Arts Department Chair

Lacey Treviño is an art teacher at Harris Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. It is her philosophy that the most successful people are those who can take a creative approach to problem solving. As a middle school art teacher, she is not trying to train the future artists of the world, but is trying to plant creativity as a backbone in their lives. She believes that future artists are only a perk. 

One of the ways that she has planted creativity is in the vision, foundation, and growth of the Harris Middle School Community Garden, a project she started in 2009. Treviño is not only known for this, but also the numerous awards her art students and she has earned. This phenomenal educator, in under 13 years, has won more awards than most educators in America. Just to name a few, she was the recipient of: The Team Up Challenge Contest, winning a total of $22,500 for her school; the HEB Trust for Teacher Excellence Award; The National Doodle for Google Student Winner, earning $25,000 for her school; the Lowes Toolbox for Education Grant which started the garden at Harris, The National Gold Seal Scholastic Student Winner, and was the 2013 Harris Middle School Trinity Prize Winner as well as the NEISD Overall Trinity Prize Winner in of Excellence in Education. She is a leader among her peers and known for creating wonderful relationships with students. 

In addition to being the co-founder of the garden, she continues to write grants, win awards in all areas of her practice, and empower and equip her students to reach their creative potential. In fact, she alone has won over $100,000 in monetary grants and awards to not only facilitate the groundbreaking of the Harris Garden but to add innovative technologies to her art department. She has put Harris Middle School and NEISD on the map on more than one occasion.  She is a passionate educator with extraordinary talent, and consistently goes above and beyond in all that she does in life.

Loryn Windwehen, Director and Founder of the Harris Middle School Community Garden 
7th Grade Science Teacher 
Green Team Founder and Teacher 

Loryn Windwehen is a 7th grade science teacher at Harris Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. She has been teaching for seven years and her passion and love for her career continue to grow. Creating engaging curriculum and meaningful relationships, while being a leader to her peers, are at the forefront of her priorities as an educator. Windwehen was named the 2012 Overall Teacher of the Year for NEISD, 2012 Region 20 Secondary Teacher of the Year in Texas, received the 2012 Kens5 ExCel Award for Excellence in Education, known as the “Golden Apple Award” for teachers, and was a 2012 state finalist in the HEB Excellence in Education Awards under the Rising Star category. 

In addition, she has been selected for numerous National fellowships including one in partnership with the National Institute for Standards in Technology in Washington, D.C.; one of seven “America’s Teachers” at the I/ITSEC Conference in Orlando, Florida – a conference on modeling and simulation in conjunction with the US Military; as well as a competitive fellowship sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association. She was one of 38 educators in the nation selected to travel to Brazil as the representative for the state of Texas as a part of the NEA-Pearson Global Fellowship Program, and most recently was chosen as the only teacher to represent Texas in the competitive fellowship, America Achieves Fellowship of Teachers and Principals. She is the co-founder of the Harris Middle School Community Garden and the founder of the Harris Middle School Green Team, an elective class she teaches daily. 

She and her students worked together with Trevino to win a total of $22,500 dollars as Team Up Challenge Champions. With this, they have installed a greenhouse facility and rainwater harvesting tank for the students and community to use. She is excited about all the ways she can use the entire garden facility and continues to build it's impact more each day. Her primary purpose is to enable her students to be societal leaders, motivated to make positive environmental change while always giving back to others.

Trevino and Windwehen are so grateful for the professional working experience that they have been given, and the opportunity to build on each others' gifts and share those with their students, co-workers, parents, and community members. It is estimated that together, they have raised and won over $120,000 to make the Harris Garden what it is today. The garden's funding has come from external sources outside of the campus due to their determination to keep it running; despite the financial deficits the educational world sees. 
Their desire to impact change, better their profession, and promote positivity in education is infectious, and the synergy in their collaborative relationship is a rare find in this profession. What is best for kids and has always been their primary focus, and they have stopped at nothing to see that their vision is being implemented fully. They've often been called "The Dynamic Duo," and have had the time of their lives creating one of the most unique educational spaces in all of education. 

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