Friday, May 1, 2015

Summer crops maintenance needed


Each summer, the garden searches for volunteers to help maintain the Harris Garden. I can’t believe it is that time again!

Because we have drip irrigation being installed, things will be much easier to manage, but we will still need some people to come harvest vegetables, water plants in the greenhouse, and check to see that things are being properly irrigated and just to keep extra eyes on the place when there is little activity. It is a great way to get some free delicious organic tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and green beans.


It will be used for various classes throughout the summer, and we hope to maintain it as best as we can so we don’t return to a jungle for the kids and I to have to rebuild again.


If you’re able to even help for one day this summer, email me and I will add you to the calendar and update it as I get volunteers. We need help starting in June all the way through August. The calendar is located here:


If you don’t know much about gardening, that is OK. We can teach you. 

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