Thursday, June 6, 2013

When do I water?

  • Plants need water everyday
  • If the sprinkler hits them, don't water that same plant (esp. the vegetables ... they will rot.. specifically the squash/zucchini) 
  • If the ground looks gritty and arid, it needs water
  • If it is moist it doesn't need water
  • If it is soaked and sodden, it definitely doesn't water 
  • Fertilized+watered them? Don't add additional water 
  • If the plant is wilted, it needs water
  • If the plant is brown and crusty, it has gotten dried out
  • If the plant is yellow, it has gotten too much water
  • If vegetables have mold on them, they have gotten too much water (if this happens, take them to the compost bin.)

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